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My mother in law had trouble with her boiler system. The system was only 6 years old.

I am a journeyman electrician but not very familiar with boiler systems. I worked with Matt and Cindy to troubleshoot and repair the problem in a timely manner. There were a few problems with the boiler. One of the problems was actually caused by another repair man who was from a local (Canandaigua) HVAC company with a fleet of white vans. That "other" repairman actually drove his white van with the fancy letters into my mother in laws yard and got stuck! He rutted the yard up and had to be towed out, leaving a mess of the yard with the boiler system still down!!!

Matt and Cindy will troubleshoot to the bad component and then change that component, not just change a bunch of parts and hope they got the right one. Matt and Cindy are very personable and treat the customers like they are family. Matt has strong troubleshooting skills and Cindy is an excellent apprentice. Customer satisfaction is #1 with Comstock HVAC. I’m very particular on who I trust to work in my house or my family’s house but I would hire Matt and Cindy in a minute. Great people!

Jamie FitzPatrick

Canandaigua NY

We were using M.E.W. Services for two years then we realized we were being taken advantage of and overcharged!!

We contacted Matt regarding an ongoing walk in freezer issue and he came right out and took care of us!!!!

Matt and his wife Cindy were very professional and their pricing was more than reasonable. They are very honest and have the customer’s best interest in mind.

We will not use any other company going forward – we found our saviors.

The Malcuria Family

Patrick Malcuria :: Sunset Bowl

Waterloo NY

They are the best! It’s amazing they do electrical, plumbing and HVAC!

I’d scheduled an appointment to have electrical work done on my 120 year old house- and 2 days beforehand, my hot water heater died! I called them, and they were able to tack on the plumbing job. They replaced a single wire, so I didn’t need to get a new tank!

They offer good advice-pointed out potential problems down the road- important to me, living in an old home! It’s so reassuring to know who to call. Folks that I trust do a great job.

Rose Hogan

Naples NY

Matt and Cindy @ Comstock HVAC are great people.

They installed an AC unit for me and charged me less than the original quote. Who does that??? I don’t have to worry about being over charged or having something replaced when it doesn’t need to be replaced. I’m not mechanical so I need someone I can trust. I’m so thankful to have Matt and Cindy to count on.

Wendell Domm

Naples NY

We lost power to an upstairs bedroom and the upstairs bathroom which is not good when Thanksgiving is two days away.

I called Comstock HVAC and left a message and got a call back within an hour and explained the situation.

Matt and his wife Cindy were able to come out within two hours and Matt found the problem quickly and had the power restored to those areas in no time. Matt noticed a couple other safety issues while working on the original problem and will be back in a couple weeks to correct those issues. He explained what the problem was while he worked on fixing it, so I also got educated. Matt and his wife are very nice people and I would highly recommend them.

Lew White

Canandaigua NY

My furnace wasn’t working and I didn’t know who to call.

I received a glowing recommendation from a former expert in the HVAC business for Matt and Cindy at Comstock HVAC, in Naples, NY. After diagnosing the problem and a thorough discussion about the pros and cons of repairing or replacing, I hired them to do the job. Within 4 days, they installed my new furnace. Their work ethic, kindness, and professionalism allows me to recommend them for any and all HVAC problems you may have. Their knowledge and customer service are first rate.

Marty Lankheet

Shortsville NY

Matt at Comstock HVAC can take ANY problem Mo-Joe" has and fix it !!

Refrigeration, electrical, gas, whatever!! He gets it done quickly and at a reasonable price Matt is my go to guy

Luanne Domm :: Mo-Jo’s

North Cohocton

Amazing company!!

Vall** Mech****** installed our furnace just 4 years ago. The unit is still under warranty and When we called Vall** for assistance with our broken unit, they pretty much said "tough luck we don’t carry this unit anymore, we can’t help."

My husband called Matt and he was here within 1/2 hour to help.

We can’t Thank you enough for your professionalism and coming to our rescue. We wish we knew about you before purchasing our heating unit from the other company.

Your the best!!!

Cindi Buckley

Bloomfield NY

I couldn’t get an appointment any sooner than a month from now with the company we have worked with before for our air conditioner.

Looking on the internet for someone else brought me to Matt and Cindy. What great people! They came in the same day and fixed the problem in no time. Having an older system forced them to find the part in another town, drive over there and return an hour later to complete. I’m now cool and comfortable! Matt and Cindy, thank you so much for your time and kindness!!

Adele Bromley

Naples NY

big thank you to Matt and his crew from Comstock HVAC for their quick
response in changing my hot water tank today…we are lucky to have such
quality businesses in our small town.

Dom Gallo

Naples NY